I am currently a PhD fellow in the Center for Computer Games Research games at the IT University of Copenhagen.

I completed my Master degree in Information Technology through the Media Technology and Games program of IT University of Copenhagen in June 2014. During my master studies I have developed a great interest in Procedural Content Generation for games, especially of music. My research at the time created the basis of what now is my PhD work: the expression of affective meaning through computer-generated music.

I have also developed different types of games (both large and small) during my education and in my spare time. I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Università Statale di Milano in 2011, in which I specialized in artificial intelligence and mathematical logic.

My PhD research investigates the expression of moods and the affective effect this mood-expressive music can have on the listener and applying this research to games: the final objective is to create a system where, by using a cognitive model of the player, we would be able to identify the player’s emotional state and be able to reinforce or manipulate it through the use of mood-expressive music to improve user experience.

What we hope to achieve is creating better immersive experiences (reinforcement of current emotional state and playstyle) and help the designers create experiences where the players are put in a specific emotional state (manipulation).

Check out my website for more information.


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